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Deb's Art



Having recently turned a new page of The Book Of Life, I’ve been gifted with the wonderful opportunity to dabble a little on the creative side. I am very appreciative of this time, and don’t intend to waste it. 

Working in China for many years prompted frequent, but all too short escapes to my favourite Thailand beachside location - Huay Yang. Needless to say, overtime this led to two things: an accumulation of various shells and corals and the increasingly burning desire to spend time creating something amazing with them. 

Having opened Pandora’s box, I just can’t seem to transform my ideas into a reality fast enough, in search of that one amazing piece to fill that prime position in my house. After starting with acrylics & pours, I then moved to multi media and finally to RESIN, often combining them all. Whilst most of my inspiration comes from the beach and some amazing artists working with similar themes, I find I’m perpetually drawn in different directions through textures, sparkles & vivid colours.

In this region, Resin Art is distinctly different to the typical pieces found in most local stores , markets and Art shops, and by creating this website I’m hoping to reach out and share my artwork with nearby residents, who are in search of such pieces for themselves or for others. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding commissioned or available art.

Ocean Set.jpg


Hanging artwork can be on a ceramic, canvas, MDF board or Rubber Wood board base. Some clocks, if formed in a mould can be completely of resin itself.


Ceramic tile pieces give a rich finish and can be 20x20cm or 30x30cm, larger than this becomes quite heavy for hanging. 

Canvas pieces are lighter and easy to hang, starting from 20x20cm up to 40x40cm, any larger than this is best on a board. 

MDF & Wooden board is prepared and primed front and back to protect from warping providing a durable piece with a lovely finish. They can be framed or hung directly on the wall. Many sizes available custom sizes available in wood.



Whether your item is 100% resin or a resin top coat finish, the end result is a strong and glossy surface, the care required will be the same - Treat it as you would glass, use a glass cleaner spray with paper towel or soft cloth to remove dust and polish it up. Use alcohol on a cotton tip for any hard to remove marks. 

Please note that it takes resin 2 weeks to "fully cure" after this time, coasters and trays will be able to handle hot and cold mugs without problem but never place anything directly from the stove, oven or microwave on top.

It is NOT recommended to place prepared food directly onto trays or bowls however, wrapped food or fruits that will be peeled are fine.

Resin items are NOT dishwasher, microwave nor flame proof - preferably use battery operated candles/ LED lights, without live flame.

Avoid positioning your resin art in locations that are exposed to long periods of direct sunshine, under these conditions, over time the piece may discolour or warp.

Never use bubble wrap for storing or packaging. First place the item in a non-printed plastic bag or sheet of plastic then wrap with the necessary packaging. 

Whilst cured resin is quite scratch resistant and durable, is it not totally unbreakable, if dropped it may crack or split especially along the edge of a frame.



"We had a big empty space on the wall at the entrance to our house & didn't know what to put there. Most neighbours went for a "Traditional Thai" picture but we wanted something different - something striking.

After spotting one of Deb's existing paintings & a discussion with her, we awaited the arrival of our impressive 1 metre circular piece of art.

I was a little worried what my husband would think but we were both ecstatic that it turned out to be even better than we could have imagined. Captured our vision perfectly!! Then she resined over our glass tabletop to everything is complete.

—  Carina & Peter Westerford, February 2021

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